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Paideia Classical School is a private K-8 institution dedicated to inspiring students through classical and Christ-centered education.

The Greek word “Paideia” refers to intellectual, spiritual, social and physical growth; the full and balanced development of an individual.

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Our mission is to provide each student with inspiration for life-long learning, maintaining personal integrity, and providing service to others.

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Classical Education

*Follows the learning pattern of grammar (with memorization), logic (mechanics of thought & analysis), and rhetoric (application of wisdom & reason) to develop clear thinking and a masterful command of spoken and written language.

*Emphasizes connections between classroom subjects to form an integrated foundation for life-long learning.

*Encourages public speaking and student debates.

*Includes hands-on learning in science, art, history, and music.

*Emphasizes memorization of essential facts in math, science, and history through songs, chants, and games.

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Paideia Classical School

We are a member of the nationally recognized Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). To learn more about classical education visit .



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