This has been an interesting year for Paideia along with everyone else! Based on the state & local health department orders our school transitioned to a tele-school model in March, 2020. Our teachers provided weekly curriculum packets for our students and spent the school days meeting with their classes on Zoom. We had hoped this would be temporary but spent the remainder of the school year in this new “virtual teaching/learning” world. Our 8th grade graduation ceremony was held via Zoom and was followed by a graduation celebration parade around the island to deliver diplomas to each of our 4 graduates at their homes.

Our staff spent the summer working with our local health department to put together a plan for safely returning to the classrooms. With many new health & safety precautions in place we were excited to successfully return to the classrooms full time in-person at the beginning of September. When entering the building, students are required to wash their hands and have their temperature checked.  We are continually sanitizing our space.  All staff & students are required to wear masks indoors & we have frequent outdoor “mask breaks” so students can take a walk & catch a breath of fresh air mask free.  To ensure adequate social distancing, our classroom capacity is limited.   We have made many adjustments but every step is worth the reward of allowing our students to gather in-person every day to learn.  Our staff is working extra hard to educate the next generation in spite of pandemic restrictions & shut downs.

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Paideia Classical School is a private K-8 institution dedicated to inspiring students through classical and Christ-centered education.

The Greek word “Paideia” refers to intellectual, spiritual, social and physical growth; the full and balanced development of an individual.

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Our mission is to provide each student with inspiration for life-long learning, maintaining personal integrity, and providing service to others.

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Classical Education

*Follows the learning pattern of grammar (with memorization), logic (mechanics of thought & analysis), and rhetoric (application of wisdom & reason) to develop clear thinking and a masterful command of spoken and written language.

*Emphasizes connections between classroom subjects to form an integrated foundation for life-long learning.

*Encourages public speaking and student debates.

*Includes hands-on learning in science, art, history, and music.

*Emphasizes memorization of essential facts in math, science, and history through songs, chants, and games.


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Paideia Classical School

We are a member of the nationally recognized Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). To learn more about classical education visit .



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